Our story begins in 1995.

Experience, foresight, and a 25-year-old know-how have tuned ABS FOOD into a point of reference in the distribution of food ingredients, for both Italian and European companies.

The excellence of ABS FOOD products, the traceability of the products and the sustainable supply chains from an ethical, ecological and health point of view, are recognized and guaranteed by numerous international certifications such as FOODCHAIN ID NON-GMO, ISO 9001: 2015, Organic, Kosher and BRC Storage & Distribution.

All our references are NON-GMO, and also available in the gluten free and organic version.

Valuable long-term partnerships, as well as more recent partnerships with brands known for their product quality and service efficiency, have allowed ABS FOOD to offer a wide range of products in line with the new trends of the food market. From the initial offering of NON-GMO soy products, ABS FOOD has enriched its range with native, pregelatinized and extruded starches, pregelatinized flours, sourdoughs, natural yeasts, malted flours and grains.

Over the years, we have expanded our range thanks to our innovative Research & Development dept. and new ABS FOOD branded products have been added, such as powdered and liquid lecithins, fibers, seeds, flakes and pulse flours. We have also become specialists in finding suitable solutions for the Low Carb, Low GI and Low Fat markets.

In line with the growing demands of the vegetarian and vegan market, ABS FOOD has been offering since 2015 an innovative line of plant-based textured proteins, based on soy, wheat, gluten and more recently pea.

To respond to the consumer’s growing attention and awareness towards natural products, obtained through sustainable production processes, ABS FOOD has expanded its range of plant-based proteins, by offering together with the classical soy, new protein proposals like pea, rice, fava bean and bean, and combining high functionality with the allergen-free claim.

Our Sales Team, together with our dynamic and proactive Back Office, offers a fast and efficient customer service; while our Quality dept. supports the customer in the development of new products and helps him during every phase of the project.

In 2017 we opened an internal laboratory, which reduces analysis times of incoming batches. We also strengthened our logistics, to ensure fast, reactive, and flexible shipments even in critical and congested times.

The choices that ABS FOOD has made over the years reflect and confirm the philosophy of a young future-oriented company, prepared for changes and challenges, with a people- and environment-friendly approach, and consistent with its slogan: “ABSolutely genuine FOOD”.

We are aware of the need for sustainable economic development that respects the environment and its biodiversity, which is why we have decided to make some other ethical and environmentally friendly choices, such as the installation in 2017 of photovoltaic solar panels with the aim of improving the company’s independence and energy efficiency. Moreover, we believe that sustainability also includes our team’s wellbeing. For this reason, we have implemented a company welfare system to respond to our employee’s different needs, and we have provided them with comfortable and spacious offices, equipped with the latest technology.

2018 – Nasce Natur Feed

The business unit specialized in the distribution of high-quality ingredients for the pet food, animal feed and aqua feed markets. To improve and safeguard the health of our animals, we are constantly looking for innovative recipes, new raw materials, and new applications.


2019 – Nasce ABS BREW

We are distributors of Bindewald malt since 2019, the excellent German malt house since 1871. We offer craft breweries high-quality ingredients, able to satisfy even the most demanding palates.