Bees and biodiversity

18 Aug 2023 - EcoCorner

Bees, along with other pollinating insects, play a vital role in biodiversity. And that is why we at ABS FOOD have decided, together with 3Bee, to support the “Pollinate the Planet” project by adopting a beehive. Italian company 3Bee has developed high-tech systems to improve bee health and protect biodiversity. The devices, installed inside the hive, allow constant monitoring of the bees’ main biological parameters. Values such as humidity and temperature can thus be kept under control. The beekeeper can, even remotely, monitor the needs of the bees and intervene promptly if necessary. By adopting the hive, located in an area reality, we protect 300,000 bees, enabling the pollination of 300 million flowers.
Pollinating bees and insects play a key role in regulating the entire ecosystem. Many plant species and food crops owe their survival to pollination activity. However, climate change is causing a gradual loss of biodiversity. Factors such as pollution and pesticide use have made the environment increasingly inhospitable to pollinating insects. Many of these valuable species are at risk of extinction. And with them, numerous agricultural crops of grains, fruits and vegetables that are essential to our diet are in danger of disappearing.
Protecting bees therefore proves to be a vitally important action to protect agriculture, the ecosystem and biodiversity.