Since its foundation in 1995, ABS FOOD has been offering high quality food ingredients and looking for new, natural, and healthy raw materials. It is a constant research, with focus on nature and safety.

Our raw materials are of high-quality and come exclusively from certified supply chains. The key elements that drive our business are the offer of products of excellence, certified by authoritative international quality certifications, and continuous research, to meet the new demands of the food market.

The road to excellence goes through natural and high-quality raw materials, intended for the production of sustainable and healthy products. This is acknowledged not only by our customers, but also by the numerous certifications that confirm the compliance of ABS FOOD and its partners with the strictest environmental and food standards for the entire supply chain.

ABS FOOD analyzes the incoming batches, controls the characteristics of the products and the performance of the producers. The analyzes on the incoming batches are carried out both from accredited external laboratories and our internal laboratory, created in 2017 to guarantee the GLUTEN FREE value in compliance with Regulation (EU) No. 828/2014.

BRC Global Standard – Storage & Distribution (GSSD) defines the requirements for the storage, distribution and wholesale marketing of ingredients, semi-finished products, and plant-based additives. The BRC Global Standard for agri-food safety is one of the operational tools used for the due diligence system and for the selection of suppliers in the food chain. ABS FOOD has worked hard for obtaining this certification, to confirm the quality and safety of its products, to increase the overall reliability of the supply chain, and to prove the company’s ongoing commitment to product safety and quality, and its compliance with the rules regulating this sector.

UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 International reference standard for Quality Management Systems (QMS) within companies. It is a collection of policies, processes, documented procedures, that defines the internal regulations for the provision of products and services from a LEAN perspective, in order to improve the efficiency and productivity of every single resource. ABS FOOD has decided to obtain this certification to ensure its customers the maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality of its products and customer service.

KOSHER: the set of religious rules that govern the nutrition of observant Jews. The Kosher certification is obtained after a rigorous control by a specialized Rabbi that supervises both ingredients and processing and storage facilities. These strict regulations guarantee customer protection and, over time, have turned the Kosher certification into a globally recognized quality certification. In 2018 the Kosher market registered an average growth rate of 11.6% per year. ABS FOOD therefore decided to commit to this market, which not only includes members of the Jewish community, but also other religious groups and consumers who follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: For products from organic farming ABS FOOD uses the Certificate of Conformity according to Reg. UE 2018/848 and Reg. UE 2021/1165 issued by the Q Certifications body. This guarantees the consumer that the purchased product complies with the stringent specifications of the European regulation on organic agriculture and national legislation. The EU is the second largest market in the world for organic products after the United States, and to respond to its growing demand, ABS FOOD wanted to have this certification as a guarantee for the products offered and their supply chain, and for the application of safe and environmentally friendly manufacturing processes for the preservation of natural resources.