Our social commitment

Our eco-friendly commitment

Our first ABSolutely Green forest was born! Together with Treedom we have planted 300 trees between Africa and South America, making our commitment to a greener planet and a better future even more concrete. Our forest will contribute to absorb CO2 levels in the atmosphere and support local people, who will receive food and economic benefits from the trees. This guarantees a sustainable use of the natural resources, together with the respect and enhancement of the territory

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Our commitment to biodiversity

We collaborate with 3Bee on supporting the "Pollinate the Planet" project. By adopting a hive, we protect thousands of bees, allowing the pollination of millions of flowers and therefore protecting biodiversity. We also provide the local beekeepers with technological and up-to-date tools to constantly monitor the health of the entire hive

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Our commitment to energy efficiency

Our solar panels allow us to reduce our ecological impact and…we are currently striving to achieve energy self-sufficiency