We are aware of the need for economic development that respects the environment and its biodiversity, which is why we are supporting new markets with innovative products, that have a positive and sustainable long-term impact on nature.

We have always made ethical and environmentally friendly choices, and we will continue down the path towards sustainability!

Among the factors affecting the choices of today’s consumers, the demand for food safety plays an increasingly important role. To guarantee this, we offer our customers natural, healthy, and high-quality non-GMO raw materials that come exclusively from certified supply chains, recognized by authoritative international certification bodies, which guarantee compliance with the most stringent environmental and food standards.

Always attentive to environmental protection and production optimization in terms of efficiency and sustainability, many of our suppliers have implemented different systems for self-generation of energy for the operation of their plants, as well as eco-friendly solutions in their daily working activities.

To meet the growing demand of our customers, we are continuously expanding our range of plant-based proteins and TVPs. These products have a meat-like texture and structure and will play a strategic role over the coming years in the diet of future generations. The personal choice to embrace a vegan, a vegetarian or a flexitarian diet helps reducing the impact of the industrial production on the environment and saves a bigger amount of water.

In recent years, plastic production and its disposal have had a devastating impact on the environment and the natural ecosystems. With small concrete actions we can start a virtuous circle, that begins with a correct and careful sorting of recyclable materials. Since 2017 we have eliminated the use of plastic bottles in the company, by installing automatic water dispensers, and by encouraging the use of reusable water bottles or glass bottles.

Nature has always provided a wide range of valuable renewable sources to produce energy, such as sunlight, wind, tides and geothermal heat. The production of sustainable energy and its use saves energy and reduces the global pollution. For these reasons, in 2017 we installed some photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our headquarters, to improve the company’s energy efficiency.

We strongly believe in the importance of recycling: it helps recovering waste and transforming it into energy, as well as recycling packaging. ABS FOOD gives the unused raw material to companies specializing in waste transformation of agro-food industry for the production of energy.

Since 2020 ABS FOOD has offered on request EPAL in plastic, as an alternative to those in wood. The introduction of this option depended on several factors: better resistance to weight and wear, a longer life cycle that includes recycling and transformation, better hygiene, and safety. Finally, among the advantages there is its reduced weight compared to other materials, that reduces the shipping costs.

Railways are an example of green mobility and one of the most sustainable and safe means of transportation available to us. In addition to their reduced environmental impact, railways are also energy efficient, transport large volumes and reduce the CO2 emissions. Since 2020 we have been importing containers from outside the EU also via railways.