Our forest

25 Jul 2023 - EcoCorner

Our commitment to a greener planet and a better future is becoming more and more concrete. In collaboration with Treedom 300 trees have been planted in Africa and South America. This is how our first ABSolutely Green Forest was born.
For years Treedom has been carrying out the important project of planting trees all over the world, it’s a long-term mission. For each soil the right tree species is selected, to respect the local biodiversity and bring socio-economic benefits to local communities. The planting of new trees in an agricultural system, promotes the proper interaction between the different species and protects the earth/soil from erosion.
Finally, all trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and produce oxygen, with significant global environmental benefits.
The project closely involves rural communities. The trees and their fruits belong to the farmers, allowing them to diversify and supplement their income and in some cases to launch micro-entrepreneurship initiatives.
Protection of the environment and biodiversity, attention to the territory and communities are just some of the values that ABS FOOD and Treedom share. Including people in this initiative is another of our missions. Every tree in our forest tells its own story and the farmers’ story who take care of it, like a real diary. Everyone can closely follow the development of the project. Thanks to photos, videos and testimonials, being involved in such a large and relevant project has a whole other flavor.