PEA ISO PRO – Pea protein isolate

31 Jul 2023 - TechCorner

PEA ISO PRO is an isolated yellow pea protein. It is presented in the form of a smooth powder with a light yellow color. It is gluten-free, lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and free from antinutritional factors. Its neutral odor and taste allow for customization of the final product with preferred flavors. It is characterized by high solubility and excellent emulsifying, binding, and gelling properties. It finds applications in various uses wherever protein enhancement is required. The protein content varies: 80%, 85%, and 90%.

PEA ISO PRO allows the creation of an emulsion paste in which fats and water are perfectly bound and emulsified. It serves as an excellent base to which starches, fibers, texturizers, and flavors can be added. It is ideal for plant-based products such as vegan burgers, meat analogues, chicken analogues, and fish analogues. It works as an excellent emulsifier for vegan mayonnaise and sweet and savory vegan creams.