Protein isolates

17 Jul 2023 - FoodCorner

ABS Food’s protein isolates range keeps growing.
In addition to the already existing products based on soy, pea, wheat, broad bean and rice, ABS FOOD has also recently introduced the chickpea matrix.
Most of these products also exist in gluten-free version.
ABS Food’s protein isolates have a variable protein content ranging from 80% to 90%.
Legumes and cereals are complementary foods, full of nutritional properties: they are rich in fiber, vitamins, proteins and mineral salts.
Protein isolates help regulate blood sugar, can lower cholesterol level and facilitate intestinal health. By giving a sense of satiety, they help stabilize body weight and, thanks to the high protein content, they promote the preservation and increase of muscle mass.
ABS Food’s protein isolates are characterized by neutral scent and taste and they stand out for their excellent emulsifying, binding and gelling agent properties. Protein isolates suit a variety of applications and can be used whenever protein strengthening is needed. They are perfect to produce baked goods/pastries, pasta, snacks, energy bars, sports foods and, thanks to their binding trait, they can be also used for the realization of creams, sauces and soups. At last, they are a perfect basis for the preparation of vegetable meatballs, vegan burgers, meat analogue, chicken analogue and fish analogue.