Pea fiber

28 Jul 2023 - FoodCorner

Our pea fiber is allergen-free, gluten-free and clean label.

Like all fiber, when taken regularly, it provides significant benefits to the body. It improves the digestive process, promotes intestinal regularity, and increases satiety without resulting in an increase in calories. Incorporating an adequate percentage of fiber into one’s diet is therefore essential for physical well-being.

Our pea fiber is characterized by a high fiber content of 70 to 80 percent. It binds water and absorbs fat, making the texture of the finished product smooth, soft and firm, leaving no grainy feeling in the mouth. It also helps make the product more stable, increasing its shelf-life.

Due to its neutral taste, odor and color, pea fiber is suitable for many applications. It can be used in the dough of baked goods such as bread and cookies to increase fiber intake. It is also suitable for the production of breakfast cereals, energy bars, snacks and diet products, as well as for the production of pasta and spreads. Pea fiber also finds application in meat, sausage and meat analogue products. It gives structure to the product, improving juiciness.