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Gluten-Free Wheat Starch

Wheat starch is the key ingredient in several food formulations. In particular in bakery products. Due to its high amount...

Vegetal Fibers

For a healthy and well-balanced diet it is important to give our body every day the right amount of dietary...

Rice fibers

Until today, stabilized rice fiber could be used as an ingredient only if fresh. But ABS food now offers the...

Flaxseed flour rich

Linseed flour rich in Omega-3 with 10% content in Omega 3, is produced with linseeds coming from non-GM crops. Linseeds...

Soy and Sunflower lecithin

Soy fluid lecithin and sunflower lecithin are known especially as emulsifiers, but thanks to their features they are applied in...


Soy lecithin powder

deoiled soy lecithin powder made from NON-GMO soy beans (Cert-Id certificate <0,1%), and [...]


Soy flour supplier

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Do you know how much based on soy products benefit your health?
Foods that contain gluten can cause allergic reactions.
Gluten is contained in the following foods: rye, oats, wheat, and barley malt.
Numerous studies show that to use soy ingredients, which are gluten-free, helps to reduce lots of diseases.
Diets which provide gluten-free food have also show to be beneficial to those people suffering from the following diseases: thyroid inflammation, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis, anemia, autism, and irritable bowel syndrome and many others.